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Our pink paradise!!! Through these gorgeous pink doors is where the magic happens… Flower magic. We have expanded our business into a industrial unit in Ormskirk and its decorated to be the prettiest place!

You walk through these door into a quirky haven like nothing else around!!

When you drive round to our studio (which is a modern industrial unit) you don’t expect to see this!!!! It’s a nice surprise!
We have a gorgeous entrance that steps into our studio and as you walk in you a wowed by our display and florals suspending from the ceiling!

Our floor tile and pink doors are very instagrammable so we don’t mind your bringing your furry friends as long as we can take a photo!!

Inside firstly you will see our wedding studio which is full of all things weddings including centrepieces, Backdrops and Arches. We also have on display wedding cakes, wedding dresses and other wedding idea’s from a few of our wedding friends!

As you turn the corner you enter into our urban jungle which has over 500 indoor plants, as well as lots of pots and baskets!
We even have a deck chair, take 5 and enjoy the view!

Our studio is all on one level so were accessible for wheelchairs and prams and we have our own private car parking right outside the door !

I’m Ash…Girl boss and real flower fairy, Launched my business in summer 2017 , Flowered around 100 weddings and continue to keep growing my independent business . My face is often seen on Ormskirk market where we have a pop up flower and plant stall every Thursday and Saturday and I’m crazily known as Ormskirk’s crazy plant lady!!

Hope you can come see us and enjoy our quirky pink paradise with us!

The Flower Hall
83B New Court Way,
L39 2YT